Best TD Bank Credit Card Review 2018 – Tips to Save Money from TD Cash Visa Card


TD cash visa credit card service is one of the most popular and well-rounded cash back credit card services for your routine purchases. With No annual fee, amazing cash back services and other features TD bank credit cards top the list of reward credit cards.

But with a lot of eye sparkling features, there are a few setbacks. Following are all the important points you need to know before you make your decision.

A Brief Outlook of TD Cash Visa Credit Card:

TD cash visa credit card is a cash rewards card and is most suitable for people who want to gain profit while making their routine purchases. Among the card’s numerous features the prominent ones include zero APR in the first twelve months and a slight increase after that.

If you happen to be a foodie and end up spending a lot of money while dining out then TD cash visa credit card is most appropriate to keep a balance among your expenditures. TD cash visa credit card offers 2% cash back on dining and 1% on everything else you purchase.

The card has a minimum credit limit of $500 and maximum credit limit of $25,000; however, to be able to benefit from signature credit card service, the credit limit is of at least $5000.

TD Cash Visa Credit Card Features:

  1. Annual Percentage Rate (APR):
  • In the first twelve months, the introductory APR is 0%
  • After the first twelve months, the rate ranges from 13.24% to 23.24% for the purchases and cash transfers and 23.49% for cash advance
  1. Cash Rewards:
  • In the case of dining, coffee shops or utility stores 2% cash back offer applies.
  • 1% cash back is applied to all the other purchases.
  • The points that are gained making the purchases never expire.
  1. Fees:
  • There is no annual fee and no fee is applied while making foreign transactions.
  • 4% fee is applied to balance transfer, minimum $10.
  • 5% fee is applied to cash advance, minimum $10.
  1. Additional Perks:
  • There is 24/7 cardholder inquiry service.
  • Free credit educational tools
  • There is no liability in case of unauthorized transactions.

Cons of TD Cash Visa Credit Card:

Even though most of the users of TD cash visa credit card are positive in their reviews, however, there are a few setbacks that must be kept in mind.

  1. The transferring of cash to your bank account cannot be done online. It requires a call due to security protocol.
  2. The branches of TD bank are located only on the East Coast of the USA
  3. Redeeming of cash rewards is only in $25 increments.
  4. Gift cards, travel rewards, and other merchandise are only given if available.
  5. A TD bank account is necessary to acquire a TD cash visa credit card.
  6. Mobile app of TD bank does not allow redeeming cash.

How to Apply for TD Cash Rewards Visa:

The eligibility criterion includes your residency, age, income and creditworthiness. You must have a TD bank account. Following steps can help you to apply for a TD cash visa credit card:

  1. Carefully fill out your personal and financial information on the website or the form.
  2. Transfer cash from your non TD credit card or you can skip this step.
  3. Read and accept the agreement.

Once you have accepted the agreement your credit card will be processed. Your card will arrive at your given address in five to seven business days.

How to make Payments on TD Cash Visa Credit Card:

Payments can be made online, through call or by visiting a TD branch. You need to follow these steps to make your timely payments:

  1. Visit TD bank service website and log in to your account.
  2. Go to Accounts tab. Select your credit card account.
  3. Click on “Pay via Transfer”.
  4. Fill out the payment amount, the transfer type and the TD bank account in use to make the transfer.
  5. Click on the “Complete Transfer” to finish credit card payment process.

You need to be very careful on making your payments on time because TD bank will incur a late payment penalty fee which is $25 fee on first late payment and $35 fee on second late payment.

TD bank credit card service has earned a respectable position in the state with their timely services and excellent features. So, consider TD bank credit card service when you compare your credit card choices.




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