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Starbucks is a frequently visited place for coffee lovers. It is indeed a fancy hang out place for youngsters. Due to its increasing popularity, Starbucks offers a credit card to make Starbucks experience for people enjoyable both in terms of taste and payment. Starbucks rewards program offers various rewards and points that don’t let you separate from Starbucks.

Starbucks also offers the convenience of picking up coffee instantly from the drive-thru as well as having a barista serve you when you’re dining in. This American-based coffee-house chain was founded in Seattle first and now has 23,768 franchises worldwide. Teavana and Seattle’s Best Coffee are some of their popular subsidiaries. Their high-quality coffee and other chillers are loved by all. If you’re a regular visitor to Starbucks, you should avail the offer of Starbucks rewards by becoming a member of the program.

Starbucks Rewards Program Reviews:

You can earn two stars for every $1 spent at Starbucks or Teavana through Starbucks rewards program with your registered card. These rewards can also be earned through their app. You can also qualify for Starbucks purchases in select grocery stores. Once you become a member of the rewards program, there are two statuses you can achieve. One is a Green level, and the other is the Gold level. The details of both statuses are given:

Green Level Status:

The members who have points or starts between 0 and 299 achieve the Green level status. These members enjoy the following perks:

  • Two Starbucks points or starts for every $1 spent.
  • Free birthday reward.
  • Pay-by-phone and order ahead convenience through the app. This option is only valid at certain places and not everywhere.
  • In-store free refills.
  • Invitations to special member events.
  • Special offers.

Gold Level Status:

The members who earn 300 or more points achieve the status of Gold Level. Gold level members enjoy all the perks that the Green level members do plus a few additional ones which are as follows:

  • Monthly double-star days.
  • Personalized Starbucks gold card.
  • A reward for every 125 stars.


The Starbucks credit card rewards program has the following restrictions:

  • Alcoholic beverages and Starbucks gift cards do not earn you any stars.
  • For alcoholic beverages and multi-serve food, no reward points will be redeemed.
  • You can only earn free refills on coffee or brewed tea on a visit to the same store.
  • The birthday rewards are only valid until your date of birth and expire even one day after that.
  • The stars have an expiry date six months after they are earned.
  • Mobile ordering, order ahead, and payment via phone conveniences are not available everywhere.
  • For special offers, members must sign up for promotional email.

Pros and Cons of Starbucks Rewards Program:

The Starbucks rewards program does not involve a store credit card, credit score, or credit history. It is solely based on the Starbucks card that you register online or through their app. You can decide if you want to become a member of Starbucks rewards program by weighing the pros and cons.


  • Occasional free food and free drinks.
  • Free refills when you visit the same store.
  • Birthday rewards.
  • The option or ordering and paying through mobile and pre-ordering in the locations where this option is available.
  • Double-star day once each month for Gold level members.
  • Easier reward achievement at the Gold level.
  • Ability to earn stars outside of Starbucks coffeehouses.


  • Not all items have the ability to earn new and regain the old stars for you.
  • Birthday rewards are only valid till your birthday.
  • A compulsory sign-up for promotional offers to avail special offers.

Starbucks Credit Card Review:

If Starbucks is like a second home to you, you should definitely get a Starbucks credit card. This will be your reward for showing your love for the coffeehouse. Starbucks will soon launch a co-branded Visa store credit cards, the Starbucks Chase credit card. Starbucks and Chase Bank are collaborating to launch the first Starbucks credit card. this card will certainly have even better rewards than the Starbucks rewards program. The Starbucks lovers are looking forward to this card.

The details of the rewards Starbucks Visa will offer are yet to be known. Some people think that piling up credit score for fancy drinks is unreasonable. However, if this card has a competitive interest rate and allows you to use it outside of Starbucks, then you should give it a chance.

Are Starbucks Rewards Worth it?

Again, for the coffee lovers, this card might be one of the best store credit cards. Especially because it allows you to use it outside of Starbucks too. At select grocery stores, you can earn 2 to 25 points on specially marked coffee products. And after signing up for promotional emails, you become eligible for billions of Bonus Stars that Starbucks offers their customers.


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